Learning Objective

  • To understand the fundamentals of Medical Laws & Bio-ethics related to Medical Practice.
  • To be able to create processes, procedure and SOPs for the organization to prevent complications related to legal provisions and ethical standards in Medical Practice.
  • To be able to anticipate and pre-empt legal issues at an early stage to initiate effective damage control measures.
  • To be able to respond to complaints/grievances at the organization level or in the redressal for a under various laws.
  • To be able to prudently track the legal proceeding and effectively assist the representing advocate in getting an acceptable decision.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Medical Doctors
  • Hospital administrators
  • Paramedical employees
  • Medical And Nursing Teachers
  • Law Professionals
  • English competency - 40% Marks in 10 + 2
  • Basic computer knowledge -MS Office

Course Duration


Course Content

  • Introduction to Medical Laws and Bioethics
  • Legal Defences available to Medical Practitioners
  • Ethical Standards in Medical Practice
  • Medical Laws & the Hospital Administrator (MLHA)
  • Consumer Protection Act, 1986(CPA)
  • Handling Medical Litigations (ML)
  • MLC & the Medical Practitioner (MLC)
  • Landmark Judgments on Medical Negligence (LMJ)

Course Highlights

  • Program pedagogy which includes Webinar, Student Faculty Chat by Subject Experts and Project Work.
  • Reference subject through E-library
  • Program materials developed by experts
  • Each block culminating into a qualifying assignment
  • Credit based teaching outcomes for global application

Learning Outcome

  • To understand general concept of medical law & bioethics
  • To understand laws applicable to medical practitioner & healthcare facility
  • To enhance knowledge on legal defence available for medical practitioner
  • To understand ethical standards in medical practice.
  • To understand handling of medical litigations
  • To understand the concept & protocol of Medico Legal Cases
  • To enhance knowledge on Landmark Judgment on Medical Negligence

Evaluations and Grading

  • Evaluations will collate candidate performance based on Self Assessment, Term End Assessment, completion of Project Work , participation in Webinar , participation in student-faculty chat.
  • Grading will be done based on alphabetical grade point percentage.


Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate by Astron Institute of International Studies.