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The Astron Group is a leading healthcare consulting organization focused in the fields of Hospital Planning and Design, Quality & Accreditation, Community Health, Research, and Training.

All the divisions are supported by a strong team of experts in their respective fields. The organization is promoted by Dr. Y P Bhatia, a medical doctor holding expertise in the field of Hospital planning and Quality & Accreditation and Dr. Neeru Bhatia, an OBG doctor having expertise in public health & research, and healthcare academics.

Astron Instiutute of International Studies Gurugram, is an academic vertical of Astron Group, holding experience in Health education from last 17 years. The institute has been the pioneer in skill building and skill enhancement of students, nurses, doctors and other Healthcare professional through a unique pedagogy comprising of online theory sessions, coupled with Hands on Training in the hospital setting.

The main focus of the institute being the development of a trained resource who are immediately ready to work and support in their respective fields whether in schools, hospitals, families and communities.

With this ethos & philosophy, Astron has successfully trained

Nursing Students
Paramedical Students
School children

Multiple roles to be adopted by
Healthcare Emergency Champion

Empower yourself through online

Achieve Skilling competence for Self Care

The training module empowers an individual including school student with basic knowledge and adequate practical skills in dealing with health emergencies encountered in their daily routines - whether in school, home, market, etc.

At times students experience accidents while they are at school or outside. The accident might lead to injuries, serious wounds, fractures, low morale, lack of confidence or behavioural issues.

Having said that these short training capsules include the following structured training on-

  • Injuries, sprains and fracture management
  • Caring bronchial asthma
  • Emergency addressal of febrile conditions - jaundice, dengue, malaria, viral fever
  • Cuts / bites care
  • Infection prevention & control
  • Identification and caring for diabetes emergencies
  • Addressal of burns

Subsequently every individual needs to be trained so that they can become independent and confident enough to look at themselves and remain safe at all times.

Lending a helping hand to your Peers

This capsule would equip the an individual including school student in assisting peers in case of an emergency to act as an immediate emergency responder before the structured medical assistance arrives or peer is wheeled in the hospital. This hands-on session would inculcate skills to efficiently deal with the following emergent situations-

  • Heat stroke, epilepsy
  • Injuries, sprains and fracture
  • Prevention and care of Bronchial asthma
  • Febrile Conditions
  • Cuts / bites care
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Immediate management of epistaxis (nosebleed)
  • Health related issues - fire and drowning
  • Behavioural issues
  • Preventive health
  • counselling
  • Referral medical care

This module would prepare the individual to emerge as a responsible individual capable to taking problems head on, find out solutions and capable of readily taking decisions. In addition would instil within him/her a compassionate extrovert and helping nature.

Helping Family in Healthcare Emergencies

No one wants something bad to happen, but the reality is that emergency can occur at anytime, anywhere with little or no warning. Consequently, it is important to have a skilled family member who is adequately apt to address all type of basic health emergencies that arise within the family, ranging from minor issues like a small finger cut, minor domestic fire, burst pressure cooker, a gas cylinder emergency,to dealing with hypoglycaemia, impending heart attack or stroke. Such skilling exercises would involve:

  • Identification and immediate management of hypoglycemia, hypertension, heart attack, epilepsy, heat stroke, injuries, sprains and fracture
  • Cardio pulmonary resuscitation
  • Management of febrile conditions
  • Infection prevention & control
  • Domestic emergencies
  • Addressal of burns
  • Referral medical care

Such God sent angels in every household would serve as an emergency aid provider holding a warm heart, affection and emotions. Know how about the referral mechanism to save the family life would be a major focus in this capsule.

Volunteering Community Health Services as Healthcare Emergency Champion

The individuals to become responsible citizens, need to be initiated at an early age. With this in mind, this capsule has been designed to bring out the hidden talent within each youngster and encourage them to volunteer community service with a zeal to serve the nation.

To bring about this obvious positive change in the mindset and behaviour, each enrolled The individuals would be trained on:

Immediate recognition & management of

  • Seizures/fits/convulsion
  • Heart Attack
  • Foreign body choking
  • Cuts/wounds
  • Heat Stroke
  • Burns
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Fracture, Injuries, Sprains management through PRICE mechanism (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation)
  • Movement of trauma victim
  • Infection prevention & control
  • Referral medical care

Training Pedagogy

Basic Training
for School Students

Advanced Training
for Youngsters and Adults

  • Identification and facilitate management of emergencies.
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Injuries, sprains and fracture management
  • Infection prevention and Control
  • Management of Health related fire emergencies and safety

Session 1

Lecture by expert
Duration:1 hr

Live demonstration session
Duration:1 hr

Session 2

Lecture by expert
Duration:1 hr

Live demonstration session
Duration:1 hr

Session 3

Hospital visit for

Duration:1 hr

Associate Hospitals for Observership



Training Takeaways

  • Activity Notes
  • Healthcare Emergency Champion Badge
  • First Aid Kit
  • Certificate of Completion by
    • Astron Institute of International Studies, Gurugram
    • National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET)
    • ISO/IEC 17024:2012-Requirements for functioning certification bodies to issue certificates of international acclaim
    • ISO 21001 : 2018- Management Systems for Educational Organizations Requirements with Guidance for Use
    • ISO 29990 : 2010-Learning Service Provider for Online Education and Training
    • ISO 45001 : 2018-Occupational Health and Safety Management System

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