Learning Objective

To enhance technical skills/work efficiency in the following core areas of Front Desk Manager :

  • To prepare individuals as more effective healthcare managers and supervisors
  • To understand the role of organizational and human resource management
  • To equip individuals with the ability to assess alternative management solutions for healthcare related challenges
  • To understand and apply the concepts of strategic planning and decision making in healthcare organizations
  • To understand the NABH and other quality standards applicable to the front office
  • To develop strong interpersonal skills

Eligibility Criteria

  • Graduate In Any Stream
  • English competency - 40% Marks in 10 + 2
  • Basic computer knowledge -MS Office

Course Duration


Course Content

The Course content has been grouped in the following 8 blocks for execution in three terms of one month each:

  • Introductory aspects of Front Desk Managerial Effectiveness
  • Internal and External Clients of the Hospital
  • Prominence of Front Desk Manager
  • Quality assurance at Front Desk
  • Customer Service Excellence & Satisfaction
  • Legal Aspects of Relevance at the Front Desk.
  • Personal and Business Etiquette
  • Communication Skills in Healthcare
  • Best Management Practices & Concepts in Front Desk Management

Course Highlights

  • Program pedagogy which includes Webinar, Student Faculty Chat by Subject Experts and Project Work.
  • Reference subject through E-library
  • Program materials developed by experts
  • Each block culminating into a qualifying assignment
  • Credit based teaching outcomes for global application

Learning Outcome

  • To understand the concept of Front Desk Manager
  • To enhance skill on management of front desk in the hospital
  • To develop knowledge on concept of service excellence and patient satisfaction
  • To understand legal aspects related to Front office Management
  • To understand financial management at Front Desk
  • To gain knowledge on communication & interpersonal skill
  • To understand Team building,Team Dynamics & Time management
  • To understand Quality standards related to Quality

Evaluation and Grading

  • Evaluations will collate candidate performance based on Self Assessment, Term End Assessment, completion of Project Work , participation in Webinar , participation in student-faculty chat.
  • Grading will be done based on alphabetical grade point percentage.


At the end of the program the student will be awarded a Certification from Astron Institute of International Studies.