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Germany is most popular country in European Union with 83 million populations Germany has 5th largest GDP in the World with very strong economy, this makes Germany fantastic place for employment after completion of the course. Germany has many interesting and historical attractions which established tradition for couture and tourism.


Germany is world’s third leading destination for international study, with highly reputed world class public university. Germany has 3 types of higher education institutes, Public University, university of Applied sciences and college of arts, music or film. Most of the public universities are offering almost free of cost education with thousands of course offering, Germany also offers a wide range of unusual degree like aerial archaeology, bionics fusing technology, biology and engineering. After completion of course student will get 1.8 months of post study work visa. This will be applicable in all 26 schengen countries.


Average living cost of Germany is 850 Euros per month, many public universities in Germany offer their programs at very low cost of 50 euro to 250 euro per semester depending on university of choice private university can charge anything up to 20000 Euros. During the course student can work 20(H) per week part time and pay scale would be between 8 to 10 Euros per hour.

Students from outside counties of the EEA (European economic area) will need visa to study in Germany. If student is from EEA country will not required visa to study in Germany if student is meeting below mentioned criteria.

  • If any student are studying for over three months
  • If student have enrolled at an approved university or higher educational intuition
  • If student have sufficient income to live without requiring income


The official Language of Germany is German, however Most of courses are offered in both Language English and German.

For German taught programs, student’s need to provide their German language certifications as per university requirement. For English taught programs students need to provide English proficiency test like IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE.

Famous CITIES in germany :-


Berlin is Capital city of Germany with more than 3.7 million people. Berlin is 2nd most populous city is European Union, Berlin is city of culture, politics and science with very strong GDP. Berlin is known for its world renowned universities having more than 30 universities including public and private universities.


Munich is major center of arts, technology, finance, education, business and tourism, Munich is known for highest quality and standard of living.


Bremen is a commercial and industry city with many historical galleries and museums and very large number of multinational companies and manufacturing companies.