6 Reasons Why You Should Apply To a Caribbean Medical Schools

Victoria University of Barbados, Barbados Caribbean

If you feel like you can make your way into the best medical colleges in India pretty easily, you are terribly wrong. Let alone the fees, these colleges pack some of the stiffest of criteria for admission. Many students who have the potential to become brilliant doctors have to give up on their dreams due to the competitive process. So much so that their level of despair pushed them on the verge of taking the extremes step. Instead of being the victim of wrong career move, you must give the option to study in the caribbean medical schools a serious thought. We compile the 6 reasons as to why you should.

Holistic Evaluation

Because of the exorbitant volume of applicants and extremely low acceptance rates, the Indian medical schools give minimum consideration to the NEET exam scores of even those students who miss the cut off only by a whisker. On the other hand caribbean university medical school are more flexible and some of them do not even require the NEET scores to apply. Some of the medical colleges including the American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine appreciate the fact that the ability of becoming a successful physician need not reflect on the test scores like NEET or equivalent exams.  AUA and other caribbean university medical school is flexible enough to those who meet the basic criteria in order to give candidates a chance to prove their passion, determination, and potential.

Rolling Admissions

Whether you’re part of the annually rejected students in India or any other country, most of the times you are left with no option but to apply or enroll after a full cycle of the course. This only adds to the number of years to this course which is infamous of stretching to even a decade! Luckily, most mbbs in Caribbean schools admit students twice or thrice in a year.  Although AUA’s curriculum follows the U.S. model, applications are accepted year-round for the February and August sessions. The admissions committee is known to have accepted students’ just weeks before the semester begins.

Accelerated Study

The most salient feature of the Caribbean Medical schools is their accelerated programs that are offered after articulation agreements with post-secondary institutions. Talking specifically of the AUA’s program with American International College of Arts and Sciences-Antigua, the students are allowed to   to finish their pre-medical coursework in two years. Thus the qualified students are assured of an admission in the AUA and other best universities in the Caribbean. Due to the flexibility and quick migration to the medical school saves at least two years of their academic life.

Graduate Success

Less competitive admissions criteria does not warrant less qualified physicians from the best universities in the Caribbean. Although each of the universities has different criteria of evaluation for mbbs in caribbean countries, the curriculum is still vast and holistic. Students are encouraged to pursue their studies aggressively so they score above average.

Tropical Paradise

This one’s a major perk of studying in medical colleges in caribbean islands; they provide the best of both worlds. For starters, English is a dominant language and the Caribbean countries accept US currency. The countries in the Caribbean are a popular travel destination and hence studying in the Caribbean gives them the chance to study and explore the wonderful land of perfect weather, pristine beaches, nature, outdoor activities, and more.


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