Be A Part Of The Medical Profession With Healthcare Facility And Planning Course

The introduction of the healthcare facility design and planning course has been done in order to have a positive impact on the patients, families and the hospitals comprising of the doctors, nurses and patients as well. Simultaneously, it also aims to foster cost-effective operations.  If a student has completed his/her course in facility planning and design in healthcare then he/she can come across as an asset in a large hospital operating in a multi-city basis. An informed individual with their knowledge in healthcare planning can ensure a more efficient and safe process of operations with architects and engineers and can contribute to stronger, more broadly-based and more cost-effective decisions.

Some of the critical aspects of facility planning and design in healthcare that this course focuses on are:

  • The must-know concepts and related terminology of healthcare facility planning.

  • This course has been designed to analyze the aspects of capital improvement projects that a manager or stakeholder might encounter in a healthcare setting. As many healthcare facilities work on a budget to estimate the potential sizing of facilities, this course is helpful in estimating the costs and recognizing key features of architectural and engineering drawings
  • On completion of the course, the students can be well-informed and a more effective participant in the healthcare facility planning and design process.


The onus is on the expert or an employee in their capacity of facility planning and design in healthcare to ensure that the design conforms to the best practices thereby achieving the intended results. Additionally, you will also be responsible for measuring the effects of the specific metrics that ensure the desired results are achieved. This is taught in the Evidence-based Design or EBD although it may not be the best way to analyze things each time.

For students, this course offers a practical advice and guidance with regard to how they can conduct their own independent research and find out the appropriate timeline and budget that can be a fit for the management of the healthcare facility to project a schedule. The course gives a very well laid out plan that can help in the study of both small-scale and large research studies that target a specific project. It is a stark contrast from other courses that rely exclusively upon the published EBD research literature.

Why is this course beneficial?

In the recent times the course has grown in significance for the reason that there has been a spurt of hospitals and healthcare facilities that have major design project underway. The safety in a healthcare premise has been of utmost importance and it is only facility planning and design in healthcare that can safeguard the interests of various hospitals’ repute. Since the various stakeholders in the planning and design process have understood the significance of evidence-based design and conducting researches with the facility planning and design in healthcare professionals.  The complete transformation of a project is thus complete with these professionals who can also help in the development of the goodwill of a healthcare facility among the foreign patients visiting to a specific country.


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