Benefits Of Studying Medicine In Russia

Currently, many people are interested in studying medicine abroad, analyzing different alternatives in which to carry out this career. In Russia a large number of students in medicine, as in any other area, at the time of graduation is the most sought-after internationally increasing their success rate is 4% more compared to other countries.

A large part of the schools covers the medical curriculum, being 48% more compared to other careers, where the curriculum is designed in such a way that students stand out by increasing their academic average as they are evaluated objectively through tests and exams every day.

Universities specialized in Medicine

As already mentioned in Russia there is an excellent diversity of universities that offer studies in the area of medicine, which have a tremendous international prestige, qualified teachers and facilities, and equipment of the latest technology.

The diversity of medical careers in Russia

In Russia there is a great diversity in what concerns related careers in the area of health, being the most popular: medicine, pediatrics, prophylactic medical service, pharmacy, preventive medical care, dentistry, nursing, medical biochemistry, medical cybernetics, pediatrics, among other careers related to health.

Medical specialties in Russia

Many foreigners in Russia look for the option when it comes to making a specialization in the area of medicine, this due to its low costs, ease in the admission process and allocation of places for different specialties, as well as the length of time it is two years full time. However, in two years you can study and practice in such a separate area, while a medical specialization program in Latin America would last for three years.

The fundamental character of university education

In Russia, you can obtain a broad and theoretical knowledge in all areas of study. However, Russia is a country known for having one of the best in the world in scientific schools, being recognized for the training and training of doctors, chemists, geologists, engineers, programmers, mathematicians, physicists and specialists from different areas of the world.

A wide range of universities and educational programs

The Russian universities offer in their program of studies, preparatory programs (specializations, masters, etc.), short programs (summer courses, semesters in Russia, among other programs), programs for learning the Russian language as a language, vocational training programs and training, supervision programs during the first year of study.

Optimum relationship between price and quality of education

The cost of studies in higher education institutions in Russia will vary depending on the area of study, as it will also depend on where the institution is located, being more accessible if you choose to the outskirts of Russia and not in cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Possibility to study Russian

As already mentioned in our previous article entitled “What are the countries that speak Russian?”, where we mentioned that more than 260 million people around the world speak Russian, so the boom of people wanting to learn Russian has also increased, for international students can study by the study program to certify the Russian language in any of the higher education institutions in Russia.

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