How To Start The Planning Of A Health Design Planning?

The Imaging service is an auxiliary unit of functional areas of a hospital center. It is a discipline of medicine that uses different modalities of images of the human body, which are obtained through a set of equipment and methods to arrive quickly and safely at the detection of various pathologies. Because of the complication of the equipment, it is necessary to know different technical considerations when planning new construction or remodeling of the area. We share some base points to start your projection.

It is also essential to highlight that the action of the Biomedical Engineering is essential, if you desire to read more about these topics about project management and detect the stages as well as contributions of the clinical engineering in the implementation of this modality in hospitals, through the projection of Infrastructure required for installation of equipment in the service, applying tools such as PMP, Scrum Master.

This hospital design course is a training solution for people in the environment of engineering and architecture. The course provides the resources for identifying critical components and elements, select suitable equipment and become familiar with the latest developments in hospital facilities and the healthcare environment.

This course of electrical installations in hospital design course for engineers and architects provides specific knowledge of electrical installations in hospitals and hospital infrastructures and the sanitary environment.

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The course of electrical installations in hospital infrastructures is aimed at professionals from all areas linked to the design, construction, maintenance, and management of hospital facilities and singular buildings. In the same way, students related to these areas are included. This course of electrical installations in hospital infrastructures for engineers and architects is taught online.


The primary objective of the course of Electrical installations in hospital infrastructures is to give the student with specific knowledge of the facilities present in hospital buildings and the sanitary environment. Given the complexity of the facilities of these buildings, the knowledge acquired by the student will apply to other types of buildings, although these are not related to the sanitary environment.

To achieve this objective, the course on Electrical Installations in Hospital Infrastructures will provide the student with the necessary resources to:

  • Identify the components of the facilities individually, as well as the different topologies and associations of elements.
  • Select the appropriate and suitable equipment to be able to operate the facilities in a reliable, safe and economical way.
  • Identify the critical elements of the facilities, as well as their adjustments and regulations that allow for safe and efficient installations.
  • Become familiar with the latest developments and techniques in the field of facilities.
  • Discard and identify bad practices that may be present in the sector.

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