How To Study Medicine Abroad Without Complications?

Making the decision to go to another country is not an easy thing or one that is done every day, that’s why here we explain how to study medicine abroad.

Everything must be thought very carefully and be sure of what you want. Perhaps the idea of ​​doing your studies in Russia will seem a bit strange to you.


However, this country is currently one of the most developed in many areas, including social, economic, cultural and even student.

Over the years, Russia has become an important point in the student field, both inside and outside its borders. Every year Russian universities receive thousands of foreign students who decide to continue their education in that country.

This is partly due to the excellence of teachers, the institutions with great advances in modernization, the experience, the cost below that of many other countries in Europe, etc.

The career with the most demand for foreigners in this country is medicine. Surely you are wondering if this is very complicated and a tedious process. But it is quite the opposite, the process is quite simple and fast.

It is easier for overseas education consultants in Delhi NCR to obtain quotas for foreign students and make the registration process easy. But the question is what should you do?

  • Get informed on the different web pages: you can find all the information you need on how to study medicine abroad, universities, costs, experience, among other aspects of your interest.
  • Once you are interested and need to know more or clarify any questions you have, you can proceed to contact consultants.
  • The experienced professionals will provide you with all the help you require so that you can discover how to study medicine abroad.
  • Choose the top medical college in Russia according your preference. The advisors offer you the option of choosing from approximately 16 universities to study medicine abroad. Read the list of necessary requirements and give them to proceed to reserve your space.
  • The most recommended is that you start the process in advance, since the administrative procedures are usually carried out in a period of 4 to 8 weeks, everything will depend on the institution you choose. Annual enrollment periods are 2: March and September.
  • Being a foreign student, it is important that you must attend pre-university training, without requiring an entrance exam. This period lasts two semesters if you travel in September and three semesters if you travel in March.
  • In addition, you have the option of doing intensive training from January to August. This process is to become familiar with the Russian language, in addition to having an academic level.
  • Finally, at the end of pre-university, you will be given a test where they will check your level of the language learned during that period and thus be able to start your medical career. Such a test sounds a little scary, but don’t worry, 95% of students pass.

The Russian government Ministry of Education confirms that more than half of the institutions have a medical school, which means that this degree is one of the most important in the country. Each university guarantees the excellence and learning of its students, being one of the best on the continent.

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