How will I get into Canadian universities – No One to Guide Right

Canada somehow over the last few years has gained momentum and become  an Apples eye for all prospective students and parents across the country specially North, with an over whelming attraction for Canada among the people from Punjab.

IELTS Academic test - Astron International

One may like to think why? Is Canada’s status escalating so high.  I dug myself into research, spent time on the Google BaBa, talked to immigration experts, academicians, educationists and found that Canada is rated as one of the preferred destination especially for post graduate studies. Not only providing the world renowned programs but the quality of life within the university set up and province is par excellence.

University housing towns and cities throughout are geared up with strong policing, law and order, docile and warm population making it a live-able place for students to stay in peace.

Depending on an individual’s choice, one may choose either to live in a city full of excitement and noisy environment like Ryerson, University of Ottawa or University of Alberta or prefer a quieter, cooler location of Trent and Acadia. In case you are a hardcore bookworm, look at only school spirit type of institute – then St. FX could also be looked at.

Parameters like school ranking, allied job, Opportunities both On campus and Off campus and tuition fees could also be considered.

Now to get into good Universities, one need to introspect and see how do I fair at the academic front —- What are my Grades? For that, one has to be doubly sure to check the pre qualification criteria and minimum grades required before one can apply. For example if applying for an Engineering program – the scores should be reasonably good in mathematics and physics.

The next very vital point to consider is your scores in IELTS Academic test. This somehow has always remained a core point for all seeking to migrate offshore. Not a Herculean task – Though perceived to be one – Just needs sharp language skills, perfect grammar and spellings, polished ideas with clear and concise thought process and responses. Above all, Practice remains the key to success in achieving the desired band.

An icing on the cake to get through the admission process remains your performance in sports, community, social service activities and showcasing your involvement in extracurricular activities while in school. These activities may appear to be low profile at the moment but certainly hold a special place in the heart and mind of the academic selectors in the universities.

Before I pen down, one point one should be very careful about is the timing of filing the application. Whether trying your luck through an agent or directly, you need to apply well in time to match the stipulated intakes as defined by the University. It is always good to fall into the ‘First Come First Serve’ category rather than remaining at the “Z” level of the alphabetical phonics.

Just remember what Dad always told us “Nothing is Impossible”. With a clear head, Determination and Will Power – Take a plunge – Get -Set & Go

All the best for your submissions.

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