Is It Easy Or Difficult To Study Medicine In Russia?

The medical career in Russia lasts 6 years, including the defence of the thesis to obtain a medical degree, less than normally lasts in all Latin American countries.

Why last 6 years including the defence of the thesis?

To explain the duration of studies and qualifications in Russia, we must indicate in the first instance that the studies are full-time, and the workload is important.

Study medicine in Russia for international students takes place in two stages: preclinical stage (from the first to the third year) and clinical stage (from the fourth to the sixth year).

In the first stage, the theoretical foundations of the profession are studied, knowledge of clinical practice is also taught (disciplines on the care of patients with therapeutic and surgical tables, general surgery courses, an introductory course on internal diseases, clinical activities).

The second stage involves the transition to the cyclical form of the studies, to the so-called clinical departments. The learning process is based on the principles of continuity, demanding maximum assimilation of the total of knowledge imparted in each level of the continuous development of the form of the activities of the students, next to the professional activity of the doctor. Special attention is given to increasing student participation. For this, when the educational process is elaborated, special emphasis is given to student participation in the personal supervision of patients in clinical condition.

Finally, the thesis that every student presents to obtain a medical degree is a complete development in which, from the study and synthesis of current problems, individual solutions of a scientific-practical problem are proposed. The final thesis work is completed at the end of the studies are subject to a mandatory revision.

The support of the thesis is for students who have completed the full course of study and who have passed all the tests and exams established by the curriculum.

What types of practices or rotations are carried out?

In the course of the studies, several types of practices are contemplated which occur in the hospitals and clinics of the city.

It is important to know that in Russia, the studies are subsidized by the state through the federal budget in its great majority that is why the costs of studying there are much cheaper than other countries like the USA. Through the management of ALAR, you will manage the opportunity to study one of the most requested careers in Russia: Medicine.

Access to Russian universities for study medicine in Russia in English is not difficult since 1999, with ALAR, an institution that has been in charge of establishing very strong ties with Russia, in order to provide you with the security and confidence you need to fulfil your dream and challenge to study there.

Is it difficult to access universities in Russia?

No, with the management of ALAR you can separate your vacancy and your home in the University of your choice, we will take care of the supply of information about careers, postgraduate courses, universities, cities, university procedures, and migratory procedures in Russia.

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