Lifestyle Of A Nurse In England

In the UK, a nurse can work in both the private and public sectors. The requirements to obtain employment in one place or another are not the same. Agency Jobs FM can help you find employment in all types of facilities: nursing homes, private clinics, private hospitals and public hospitals in the NHS, spread throughout English geography. We will accompany you throughout the process, from the interview to the search for accommodation to live there.

And everything entirely free for you.


As a result of the economic crisis, a large number of nurses from all over the world were interested in obtaining a good job in England. Currently, there is still a huge need for nurses and the options to get a job are still very high.

We advise having real aspirations: London, for example, is the most demanded city to obtain a job and, therefore, the one that requires the most level of English and in which there is more competition (stays with the most prepared people).

Working as nursing courses in UK in the public sector, that is, in an NHS, is what most nurses demand. We have created a list of advantages and disadvantages to consider before deciding why working in a Private Hospital in England also has many advantages.


The essential requirements of every nurse to apply for a job in England are:

  • Nursing university degree.
  • Have the IELTS Academic Exam with an average of 7, OET minimum grade B in all parts or combined tests. More information.
  • Not be suspended or disabled to practice as a result of malpractice.
  • To be a member of the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council).

Few years ago get a job in the United Kingdom, they needed post-graduate experience, but this has been changing, and newly graduated nurses have real options to get a job in the UK job market.


Working in the public sector, or what is the same in the NHS, is what most Spanish nurses look for. There are several pros and cons of working in the English public health system, although, we would like you to notice that, working in the UK in a private hospital has numerous advantages as well.

Most universities in the UK offer courses in nursing. Its majors are divided into: general nursing, general health nursing, nursing care nursing, and children nursing professional children nursing, and obstetric nursing professional midwifery. Most colleges offer hospital internships during the learning process.

The courses for studying in the UK are strictly controlled by time, focusing on quality investment. The UK nursing profession has higher requirements for entry, and IELTS requires 6.5 or above. Students who graduate from domestic colleges and universities want to apply for a master’s degree in nursing, which requires five to ten years of work experience. Undergraduate graduates can apply directly, and some schools require three years of work experience to apply for a master’s degree in nursing.

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