Medical Education Abroad In Different Countries

Medical education abroad is one of the most popular and sought-after areas of higher education. It is distinguished by the long duration of the training, the complexity of training courses, the variability of programs and very high competition. This article discusses the main aspects of educational programs in medicine in different countries such as university for MBBS in Russia.


Varieties of medical education abroad

It must be borne in mind that graduation from a medical university and obtaining any medical degree does not mean direct access to the work of a doctor. In any country in the world, after receiving medical education, it is necessary to undergo an internship (medical practice at the hospital) and only then gain access to the medical labor market. The following briefly describes the varieties of top universities for MBBS study in Russia.

Medical education in the USA

In the United States, it is not possible to begin medical training immediately after graduation. To qualify as a Doctor (MD), you must have a Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree obtained in the United States or Canada, with particular emphasis on obtaining academic loans in organic chemistry, biology, and general chemistry. Therefore, training takes place in two stages:

  • Bachelor with a specialty in chemistry and biology – 4 years;
  • Medical school – 4 years (2 years of preclinical training and 2 years of practice).

The entrance test for admission to any medical school in the United States is the unified MCAT exam. It should be noted that the process of medical education in the United States has copied in most English-speaking countries of the Caribbean: Grenada, Barbados, Anguilla, Jamaica, etc. After graduating from medical schools in the Caribbean, it is possible to gain access to an internship in the United States.

UK Medical education

The medical education process in the UK takes about 10 years. It is divided into several main stages:

  • Six-year medical education at a medical school at the university;
  • Two-year foundation program for doctors;
  • Specialty and general practice – the duration depends on the type of medical specialty.

When entering medical schools at British universities, various unified examinations are considered (BMAT, GAMSAT, and UKCAT).

In Canada

The format of Canadian medical education is a mixed type between similar education in the UK and the USA. The duration of educational programs varies. There are 4-year medical programs and in this case, you need to confirm your education under the undergraduate program in chemistry or biology (by analogy with the system adopted in the USA). There are also 5-year programs where the first year is preparatory.

As in the United States, Canadian schools view the MCAT as an entrance exam. Some universities in Canada (for example, the University of Quebec may study in French).

In Australia

Australian medical education lasts 4-6 years, depending on the chosen study program:

Undergraduate medical program – six-year programs, admission to which takes place as well as to any bachelor’s program in Australia. Most Australian medical schools review UMAT exam results when enrolling in undergraduate medical programs.

Graduate medical program – four-year programs, which you can enter only after obtaining a bachelor’s degree (with a bias in biology and chemistry) and passing the MCAT or GAMSAT exams.

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