Most Complete And Updated Healthcare Facility Planning And Design Course

The study of the management of institutions and organizations can provide a higher degree of quality to the organization of health processes. This course is aimed at achieving the training of managers, developing skills, techniques, methodologies and tools that promote the impulse of their leadership, the management of their activity, and the management of teams, more efficiently with the latest educational technology.


What you will learn?

It includes, in its teaching staff, a team of prestigious health management professionals, who pour in this training the experience of their work, in addition to recognized health specialists who complement the program in an interdisciplinary way.

Thanks to its multimedia content elaborated with the latest educational technology, they will allow the professional a situated and contextual learning, that is, a simulated environment that will provide immersive learning programmed to train in real situations.

The design of hospital facility management certification is based on Problem-Based Learning, through which the professional must try to solve the different situations of frequent practice that arise during the course. For this, it will have the help of a new interactive video system made by renowned experts in the field of health management, and with extensive teaching experience.

Development of practical cases developed by experts in health management and other specialties. Its graphic, schematic and eminently practical contents with which they are conceived, collect scientific and assistance information on those situations that occur regularly in the hospital environment.

  • Presentation of practical workshops on procedures and decision making.
  • Interactive learning system based on algorithms for making decisions about the situations raised.
  • Action protocols, where you can find the latest trends in health management.
  • All this will be complemented with theoretical lessons, questions to the expert, forums for discussion of controversial topics and individual reflection works.
  • With a special emphasis on scientific method and research methodologies in health management.
  • Content availability from any fixed or portable device with internet connection.

The University Course in Planning and Control in the Health System offers in detail a cutting-edge training healthcare facility design course, from an eminently practical point of view, at a time when knowledge accreditation plays a fundamental role, including the latest trends in Leadership for Healthcare Services Managers.

In a given situation, what would you do? Throughout these months, the doctor will face multiple simulated clinical cases based on real patients in which he must investigate, establish hypotheses and finally solve the situation. This method makes doctors learn better as they accept more responsibility and get closer to the reality of their professional future.

The clinical case is the commented presentation of a patient, or group of patients, which becomes a “case”, an example or model that illustrates some peculiar clinical component, either because of its teaching power, or because of its singularity or rarity. It is essential that the case be based on current professional life, trying to recreate the real conditions in the professional practice of the doctor.

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