Nursing Care Administration Courses

The administration of nursing services constitutes a set of valuable, technical and instrumental competences, aimed at directing, managing and developing the practice of nursing, within the health structure of the organization.

It is also common to recognize nursing care as a fundamental variable in the functioning of health services; it is estimated that approximately 70% of the health response corresponds to nursing activities. Therefore, the best or worst quality of such care has a decisive impact on the care provided by the health system as a whole.

Undoubtedly, with the changes in the organization of health and recently with the reform processes in the Health sector, the health care institutions have become more complex. The financial constraints, the deficit of nurses, of supplies for health care, the high costs, the conditions of practice, the offers of market and jobs in a immersed range of activities for the professional nurse, the excessive normativity, the legislation, the demands of users with more education and information, as well as the demographic and epidemiological changes in health, characterize today the environment in which care is granted. All these aspects constitute an excellent challenge for the practice and management of nursing care.

The nursing courses in USA for international student supports as a premise a work done by the Nursing team made up of Nurses, Paramedical Technicians, and Service Assistants. The work must be participatory, and with shared responsibilities, this will be the guarantee of an effective, safe, humanized and efficient management of said care. For this, the Nurse needs to have independence in the field of their study nursing in USA practice, expressed in such a regulatory-administrative support that allows them to take ownership decisions, functions and actions of nursing and conduct their practice in line with the health needs of patients.


Manage nursing care with a unified model in the health center tending to provide quality nursing care to the demanding user, ensure the provision of humanized services, through the efficient use of resources, responding to professional standards and the objectives set out in the current reform health.

From the perspective of self-care, it explains it as “behavior that exists in concrete situations of life, directed by people towards themselves or towards the environment, to regulate the factors that affect their development and functioning for the benefit of their life, health or wellbeing.

Providing care means being responsible for providing or taking care of individuals who depend on others for their conditions or state of Health Defines nurses ‘systems as series and sequences of practical actions of nurses that act to protect and regulate the development of patients’ self-care activity.

Your vision of nursing courses in USA for international student is directed to the actions, or professional assistance activities are explicitly designed to fit with the values, beliefs and cultural lifestyles of people groups or institutions for offer or support health care for beneficial and satisfying well-being.

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