Practice The Profession Of Nurses In The Usa: Specializations And Salaries

In many developed countries around the world, professional nurses have begun to understand that administering drugs, monitoring vital signs and performing other activities ordered by the ward doctor does not represent exactly what a lifelong dream can be called.

The nurse is sufficiently trained to collect clinical data and to interpret and process them to make decisions aimed at responding to the patient’s health needs. In reality, at the forefront of the United States, the nurse can obtain clinical specializations that can be used in the world of work, which will be analyzed later. There are hundreds of options for pursuing a meaningful career in the healthcare world. Many of these require academic qualifications, distinct specializations, and previous experience. For other careers, the academic qualification is not a fundamental requirement even if it is a preferential factor in the choice of the candidate.

Here are the most profitable careers in the United States:

School Nurse is responsible for the health of students enrolled in a specific educational institution. It represents the highest authority on the health of a school. It deals with ensuring first aid services, conducts screening tests and directs students to medical specialists in case of suspected pathologies. It administers the drugs that students must take during school hours. He works nine months a year, generally from Monday to Friday. He is responsible for reporting abuse on minors and maltreatment in the family and psychological support to students.

Nursing Home – Nurse Staff: is responsible for geriatric patients admitted to the Nursing Home. It has the task of supervising the hygiene support staff and the domestic hotel tasks. It takes care of elderly patients by making medications, administering drugs and managing artificial nutrients. It must be endowed with excellent communication skills as the patients who could be affected by cognitive or sensory deficits.

Burn Unit – Nurse Staff: He is responsible for helping burnt patients. It must manage patients’ pain using pharmacological and non-pharmacological tools and offer psychological support. Previous role in a critical area is required for this role.

Geriatric Staff Nurse: takes care of patients hospitalized in facilities for the elderly. He knows their peculiarities and age-related diseases. He must be endowed with a lot of patience and compassionate spirit.

Pediatric Home Care – Nurse Staff: takes care of pediatric patients.

Hospice Care – Nurse Staff: assists people suffering from incurable pathologies by guaranteeing them a dignified death and without any disturbing symptoms.

ER – Nurse Practitioner is the professional responsible for triage. He has an advanced degree that allows him to prescribe diagnostic performance and interpret the data obtained.

Certified Nurse Anesthetist: is responsible for the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative phase of patients undergoing surgery. It acts independently by administering specific drugs according to the procedure.

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