Study Opportunities in Russia

Russia is world-famous for studying medicine for its educational system developed and high quality. There are more than 400 institutions of higher education (universities, colleges, and academies), which accept foreign students. There are more than 100 medical schools where students can continue their education. Almost all medical universities in Russia are recognized worldwide.

Most top medical universities in Russia for international students are over 100 years old, and some are Institutions Already Over 200-250 years old. Each year, Russian medical schools Thousands of students receive from Africa, Asia, Europe and North, and South America.

You can do a degree in “Nursing” in 4 years, “General Medicine” in 6 years and to obtain a surgeon’s degree to the total of 8-9 years plus the preparatory course of 1 year.

Study Opportunities In Russia

In the USA, For example, to become a doctor, it is necessary to spend 12 to 18 years in studies. In the United Kingdom, General medicine students study for 10 years, in Germany- 8-10 years. To obtain a medical degree from the best MBBS college in Russia, you must study in a medical school for 4 years, and in the university for the same amount, and Then, According to the specialization, 3 to 5 years in an internship.

Please note that you may need to take the Foundation Year. Although some universities offer English courses, most courses in Russia, especially at the bachelor’s level, are taught in Russian. Therefore, if you lack language skills, you must also enroll in a college preparatory course that covers the language skills and subjects associated with your future course.

If you are a self-funded student, you will be able to study the course at the university you are applying for. However, if you are an international student who comes to Russia in accordance with government quotas, then you may have to study Foundation Studies elsewhere.

Compared with Europe and the United States, Russia’s education costs are generally lower, so there are many paid students. However, 15,000 foreign applicants each year have the opportunity to receive a Russian government scholarship.

Those who plan to fund their studies at the same time must pass all entrance exams at the universities they are interested in. To do so, a standard format package is required by mail, including a copy of the translated passport, a translated educational qualification and several photos. While it may be necessary for some universities to take the test in person.

250,000 international students study in Russia

Russia attaches great importance to education, and the proportion of people aged 25 to 64 who have a college degree is as high as 54%. This emphasis on education guarantees the quality of university education in Russia, which attracts more than 250,000 foreign students every year.

It is true that Russian universities are among the best in the world rankings however they are a lot different from the US or UK University. It can be said that this result is more related to the American standard teaching system adopted in recent years. A Russian university often has only one or two ace majors, which is one of the reasons that affects its promotion of the world rankings, and has nothing to do with the professor’s teaching quality and professional ethics. Don’t be misled – Russian students are mostly very smart and motivated to learn, and you will quickly get involved.

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