Top 3 Medical Universities to study abroad MBBS in Russia

Top medical universities in Russia are popular worldwide for their high educational level, here are top 3 universities to study medicine in Russia.


Learning to be a doctor is not an easy thing. These are five years of study at the university, one year in the internship and two more in residence. It would seem that in such a period it is possible to learn everything about human diseases. However, as practice shows, even these days it is not enough for a graduate to become a true professional.

MBBS in Far Eastern Federal University 

This university is characterized by innovative and medical development, conducts research and educates future leaders in medicine and biomedicine.

The School of Biomedicine at the Far Eastern Federal University strives to occupy a worthy place among the leading medical institutions of higher education and the faculties of Russia. This will be accomplished through cutting-edge research in basic science and clinical medicine aimed at preventing and treating human disease and improving the quality of life, as well as increasing the level of education of future scientists and clinicians.

With 149 medical doctor professors, 17 specialties with 10 professorships in medicine make it one of the most important scientific universities.

It has more than 12 research subdivisions such as:

  • Atomic medicine research
  • Human genome research and laboratory
  • Cell Technology Biomedicine Center
  • Research Center for Physics in Living Matter

Research activities of the School of Biomedicine:

  • Development of new anticancer drugs based on molecular biotechnology and highly effective detection of natural compounds.
  • Development of technologies for the isolation, sanitization and standardization of biologically active compounds of marine and terrestrial animals and plants as a basis for the creation of new drugs, dietary supplements and useful foods.
  • Biopolymers, molecular recognition processesand pharmacologically active metabolitesof marine organisms for the innovation of new medical technologies.
  • Developing the structure and dynamics of biomolecules and molecular developments using hypothetical physics.
  • Biocompatible products and bio-artificial analogues of human cells for regenerative medicine.

MBBS in Siberian state medical university 

Most recently, SSMU received the status of a supporting university – it is now the first and only medical school in Russia, which has the right to create and develop innovative projects. And for this, SSMU has all the possibilities: a highly qualified teaching staff, the latest technological equipment, a network of 10 widely implemented clinics and financial support from the state. Here you can get not only a good education, but also help with the implementation of the bravest medical companies. The university is actively conducting scientific research in the field of the use of IT technologies in medicine, pharmacology and clinical research.By choosing to study MBBS in Siberian state medical university, you can be sure that you will know much more about human health than your colleagues who have graduated from other universities.

“General Medicine” – 252 points

“Pediatrics” – 221 points

“Dentistry” – 252 points

“Pharmaceutical” – 150 points

“Clinical Psychology” – 255 points

“Nursing” – 172 points

“Medical Biophysics” – 205 points

“Medical Biochemistry” – 231 points

“Medical Cybernetics” – 195 points

 MBBS in I.M. Sechenov first Moscow state medical university 

The First Moscow State Medical University I.М. Sechenov is not just a university where first-class doctors are trained. This is the largest scientific center, which is of great importance for the development of Russian medicine. This is where most of the modern medical schools and communities operating today throughout Russia originate. It is incredibly difficult to enter here: in addition to the Russian, you will have to pass the entrance exams, on which your possibilities will largely depend. Studying here is not easy either, but the education received at MGMU opens the door to the best employers in the world.

“General Medicine” – 283 points

“Pediatrics” – 328 points

“Medical and prophylactic business” – 234 points.

“Dentistry” – 340 points

“Pharmaceutical” – 241 points

“Clinical Psychology” – 238 points

“Nursing” – 215 points

“Social work” – 215 points

“Medical Biophysics” – 207 points

“Biotechnology” – 242 points

“Bioengineering and Bioinformatics” – 263 points

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