Top 7 Reasons to Study MBBS in Russia


Russia is known as a renowned country for its advanced technology and higher education. The country primarily focused on improving its education system and over the period the continuous improvement makes them the hub of modern higher education in the world.

The highly advanced education system and the modern infrastructure of Universities make it a perfect designation for you to study MBBS. Some other benefits that make Russia one of the ideal country to study MBBS are:

1. Affordable Living and Tuition Fees

Compare to other countries like the UK or the USA, the fee structure of Russian Universities are fairly lower and more affordable. The annual fees of the MBBS course in Russia range between 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per year. Besides the fees, the cost of living here is also economical.

2. No Admission Test

Unlike the other countries where the entrance test is essential for admission but in Russia, you don’t need to worry about it. Most of the Russian Universities provide direct admission based on Higher Secondary Education Marks.

3. Open Wide Ranges of Opportunities

The syllabus of the MBBS course in Russia is full of practical knowledge and hands-on experience. As an Indian student, getting an MBBS degree in Russia top University with English taught course ensures a great medical career. MBBS in Russia with English available only number of universities.

4. Easy Admission Criteria

The eligibility criteria of Russian Universities set for MBBS in between 50% to 65% in PCB at 12th level. The MBBS subjects in Russia are almost the same as in India. This makes it more comfortable for Indian students to take admission and adjust to the study environment.

5. Easy Adaptability

Here you’ll find numbers of ethnicities who can speak 100 of different languages. It attracts many students from all over the world. Hence, the aspiring students who prefer to study MBBS in Russia get a taste of a diverse, multi-cultural environment.

6. Dual Diploma Opportunity

According to the Bologna Declaration, students under the declaration can avail of dual diplomas via joint programmed with other foreign universities. This means that you can study for two diplomas at the same time at different universities.

7. Internationally Recognized Degree

An MBBS Degree from Russian Universities is internationally recognised all over the world by WHO, MCI UNESCO, European Council and other authorised bodies. Therefore, it one of the safest and popular choices amongst students who want to study MBBS in Russia.

These are some benefits that you avail when you choose to study MBBS in Russia. If you don’t know how to get there, then you’re in right place! Astron International, one of the best CONSULTANT IN GURGAON FOR MBBS FROM RUSSIA. For any query or admission related issue, contact us today!

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