Why choose to study medical specialties in Russia and not in other European countries?

Some countries in Latin America have a teaching system that has been taught for many years without any change, with deficiencies typical of a state that has put education aside to prioritize other issues such as economic development and health in terms of its infrastructure, Where acquiring a vacancy for studies for a specialty has been immersed in long admission processes, limited places and very high costs, which makes the doctor consider the fact of studying outside his country.

Study MBBS in Russia


If you are one of those students who has always set demanding goals and has longed to study abroad in a European country but cannot decide which one, we will help you make the best decision, the one that will surely lead you to study in the largest country in Europe, Russia.

What are the facilities that Russia offers you compared to other European countries?

Access to the visa

In Russia, universities offer you visa support, when you send your documentation, it will be sent to the university of your choice and as a next step you will receive the invitation card with which you will approach the Russian consulate in your country to collect your visa, in other European countries the decision to grant you a visa or not is made by the consulate and obtaining it is an uncertain process.

Language learning prior to the specialty

Many will wonder, but if I don’t speak the Russian language, how will I study my specialty? It is very simple. Russian universities offer complete language courses in their renowned Faculties of Language and Academic Levelling, which are an essential requirement to be fully prepared and thus continue with their specialty after passing it.

Guaranteed university accommodation at affordable costs

Russian universities such as MBBS in far eastern federal university include university housing within the same campus or close to it, depending on the needs and the economy of the student, accommodation costs may vary but are always lower than in other European countries, where university housing is very limited and in most cases the student himself must find accommodation, which makes the investment budget in your studies exceeds or is higher.

Full opening to the reception of foreign citizens

Russia is a country that promotes high academic standards for students from all over the world, who are called to choose between excellent universities, that is why students from all over such as Japan, the US, Nigeria and Spain choose to study there, taking the opportunity to share and spread their cultures and enjoy the immense samples of art that Russia has for everyone who wants to appreciate art made into the city.

In the other European countries there is a reverse process of closure to foreigners with inflexible and rather rigorous regulations, which is not the case in Russia and there are the testimonies of doctors who are currently studying there.

Preferential access for foreign students

Russia facilitates access to foreign doctors which differs according to the university, in some access to the specialty is a personal interview in others it is a test or an exam always having the quality of foreign student, evaluating performance during the same classes in a personalized way, in other European countries there is no defined policy that gives preference to foreign students and that is why Colombian, Mexican and Bolivian doctors choose MBBS in Kursk state medical university as a destination to carry out their specialization studies.

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