Why Correct Planning And Design Of Medical Centers Is Important?

Planning in health care is the process of determining the necessary resources and a mechanism for their effective use to solve the problems of improving the quality and availability of medical care, and achieving specific indicators of public health.

Planning in the health care system should be based on common principles and methodological approaches, with the main goal of realizing the constitutional rights of citizens to health care.

Hospital is the institution that provides healthcare services that people apply to find healing. Since the architecture and plan of hospitals that provide health services to a large number of people are vital, hospital design is of great importance in order to provide successful health care.

Many changes and innovations have been made in the hospital design from the past to the present. The first thing to be considered in hospital design is to ensure the required hygiene and design to this extent. Then, it is necessary to position the departments in a way that will facilitate the operation of the hospital.

This is an important item in order to provide easier service. Hospital design takes shape according to the regulation prepared by the Ministry of Health. After meeting these standards, a hospital designed to visually satisfy people will benefit patients in terms of morale.

Lighting and ventilation elements used in the design of hospitals are of great importance. A design should be designed to ensure adequate ventilation, especially in hospitals with a high risk of infection.

Otherwise, bacteria and microbes in hospitals that do not have sufficient ventilation capacity will rapidly multiply and adversely affect health conditions.

If hospitals are designed in such a way as to create separate sections according to the importance of hygiene, it will be more possible to keep the elements that threaten the health of patients under control.

In particular, it is essential that the hospital has a sterile material preparation department that belongs to the operating room and is independent from other departments.

Healthcare facility design and planning should be done considering not only patients but also employees and other healthy people. In addition to the functionality of the hospital, a visually peaceful environment should be created in order to keep people’s morale at a high level.

What Are The Factors To Be Considered In Hospital Design?

  • Before starting the hospital design, the departments where the hospital will serve must be known very well.
  • The departments to be served by the hospital should be positioned to meet the needs in the best way.
  • -These sections should be divided into hygiene and cleanliness classes.
  • -Ventilation system should be designed to meet the needs in each section.
  • -The operating rooms of hospitals should be placed in areas where people are not concentrated.
  • -Heat and sound insulation should be provided in the best way in the design of the hospital.
  • Width and height measurements in all departments in the hospital should be sufficient to meet the needs.
  • All materials used in hospital design should have antibacterial properties.

If hospitals are designed with the elegance and quality required by the modern age, they will be able to provide better quality service to their patients. It should be placed architecturally, considering the hospital service class and the needs of the patients.

To enter in such a field and effectively work as a hospital designer, you should get hospital facility management certification by studying one of the several courses offered by reputed institutions and colleges.

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