Why Kazan Federal University A Sought After Choice?

Kazan is a large and constantly developing city. Of course, there is a sufficient number of educational institutions. Kazan universities also often accept candidates from other countries. There are many educational institutions, but none can be compared to universities. There are several in the city. Many of them once separated from the main educational institution of the city – Federal University of Kazan.


Why Kazan University?

Kazan University is one of the oldest and the main Russian universities. Federal university status was granted to the university in 2010, due to the special importance.

The Federal University of Kazan today has:

  • More than 46,500 students
  • 486 academic programs
  • More than 3,000 academics
  • 190 cooperation agreements with partners from 54 countries
  • 2,106 foreign students from 90 countries
  • 8 programs double degrees and 9 university programs in English
  1. The controlled system for students

Each student of MBBS in Kazan state medical university is a member of the institute. Your institute will be your home for you a lot of time in Kazan, providing accommodation (student halls of residence), meals, library and IT support. Each thesis student will receive a closed support personalized by experts in your field, your faculty or department will prescribe a personal mentor whose role is to guide your training or research program. The existence of a suitable mentor is one of the factors that the faculty or department takes into consideration when examining your application.

  1. Support and well-being.

The well-being and integration of students are priorities for the university. You will have the opportunity to discover a variety of people, who will broaden your horizons and contribute to your development. You will always find with whom to share your opinions and ideas.

  1. Housing funds.

The University is one of two institutions in Russia, which has enough accommodation to accommodate all students from other cities. The village of the Universidad 2013 is a residential area with a capacity of around 12,000 people and now serves as the campus building for students of the Federal University. There is a medical center, a pharmacy, a sports equipment rental station, the station, a reprography center, a laundromat, a beauty salon, a cafe and other facilities.

The advantages of training MBBS in Kazan federal university are:

  • Kazan is a cosmopolitan city in the center of the European part of Russia
  • the University is located in the historic center of the city
  • the University is easily accessible for students from n no matter where in the city
  • The university is located near the metro station.

If you wish to get admission and education at Kazan then you must consult a trustworthy educational consultant to help you with the process. Not only they will help you get the admission but also guide on where and how to stay and survive abroad.

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