Are You Planning Your MBBS In 2021? This Is You Must Know!

The unprecedented Corona times have impacted the career decision of our students, especially for those who appeared for NEET 2020 and have plans of perusing MBBS this year.

The panic of this situation has affected the students’ preparation and performance in the NEET exam which was held right in the middle of the pandemic. The qualifying score for NEET 2020 was 147.  This score varies each year after calculating the 50th percentile.

However, the recent notice issued by the National Medical Council (earlier known as MCI) has brought some relief for students who wish to pursue MBBS from Foreign universities/colleges.

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Earlier the Medical Council of India/NMC had provided a list of recognized Foreign universities. This list was considered as parameter for quality assurance. Therefore, any student who used to complete his/her MBBS from universities other than these universities had to qualify additional screening test for licensing as a medical practitioner in India.

But, the new guideline issued makes it clear that the NMC no longer endorses any such list, hence students would have to pursue MBBS from universities of their choice and location.

Irrespective of the Medical university in India/Abroad the students need to give a common test for medical practice licencing in India, called National Exit Test (NEXT) from 2021. This would be effective from 2021.

The next more important question is: what should a student who has cleared NEET with a score between 147-500 do? Should one drop another precious year for a better score and aim for Government college only? Or should one go for a Foreign Medical university or private one in India?

To help you make an informed decision, here are some points that one could consider:

  1. You can get admission in a good Foreign university with a score between 147-500. If you have 500+, that’s an additional advantage.
  2. Good private medical colleges in India will cost you somewhere between 60-90 Lakhs, whereas MBBS from a foreign university can be completed within the range of 25-40 Lakhs.
  3. The teacher-student ratio in foreign colleges is 7:1, which is way above than what you will get here in India.
  4. Foreign colleges have been preparing MBBS students for medical license tests. Infact, it has been a part of their academic curriculum for years. This also gives Foreign colleges an additional edge in experience they have for preparing students.
  5. The high standards set by Medical Universities in Foreign locations like Russia, Philippines especially Ukraine has been recognized by Global institutions like WHO, UNESCO, European Council, listed in World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).
  6. The excellent MBBS results of Foreign universities speak of themselves.
  7. MBBS from a Foreign university also opens the doors to many opportunities of settling abroad and make a promising career for oneself.
  8. In addition to this, a student gets to improve his personality, becomes more independent and gains practical exposure.

If you are a student with qualified NEET score and planning to pursue MBBS Abroad, you may call at +91 8800893636 to get detailed response to queries related to MBBS education from Foreign universities.

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