Critical Care Technician – A High Demand Career In The COVID Era

Critical Care Technician, not a frequently heard commodity has suddenly gained race and has become the most in-demand Career among the professionals aspiring to take up paramedics as their profession.

With the COVID-19 infection adversely impacting the health of the elderly and those with co-morbidities, the numbers in the Intensive Care and Critical Care units in the hospital setups have escalated multi folds every day.

Respiratory ailments and precipitating comorbidities are the major illness presenting itself in the critical areas.

Critical Care Technician - Astron International

To adequately address to the patient needs and ensure quality medical services, the Critical Care Technician is looked up to as a God Send Angel to save lives. Since most of the treatment pattern is inclined towards technical support to the patients, this certified professional becomes the right choice for the treating doctor and hospital management to arrange their critical service.

This designation among the technician category has further become critical with the NABH making it mandatory for all hospitals trying their luck at NABH accreditation and those who are looking for empanelment with CGHS, ECHS, Health Insurance, Embassies etc, to have certified Cardiac Care Technician in their medical setups.

Quantifying the demand of the Critical Care Technician in the Healthcare market – The statistics appear to be significantly encouraging with only 50% of the total 70,000 Government and Private hospitals in India, operating with certified Critical Care Technicians. This infers a high number of vacancies (35,000 approx.) are there for you to apply.

This profession not only satisfies the technical satiety but also offers a handsome salary to start with followed with an accelerating monetary and designatory graph. With all this information, one should think seriously on adopting the Critical Care Technician as a lucrative profession to satisfy one’s life both from the status and monetary angles.

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