Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician Course: What Does It Offer?

The operating room technician intervenes before, during, and after an operation. The technician prepares the equipment, assists the patient, and plays the role of the surgeon’s scrub technician during the operation, all thanks to the expertise obtained through Operation Theatre Technician Courses in Gurgaon. This professional is also present in the recovery room.

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician Course What Does It Offer

Business description

The technician or the operating room technician works under the responsibility of the surgeon and framework technician. Its activities and technical gestures can be broken down into three phases.

Before an operation, Operation Theatre Technician prepares the room, ventilates it, and checks the equipment according to the intervention before putting it in place: endoscopic equipment, amplifier, microscope, video column, etc.

He also changes the water filters for surgical handwashing, then welcomes the patient and places them on the operating table, and then dresses the surgeon in their sterile outfit.

During the operation, Operation Theatre Technicianmodulates the intensities of the equipment assists the surgeon in all his technical gestures, and opens boxes and bags after checking the sterilization indicators.

At this stage, the collaboration with the doctor and the Operation Theatre Technician is essential as he counts the compresses, checks the level of fluids, transcribes the results of the measurements, and writes postoperative sheets and bacteriology sheets.

After the operation, the technician sends the anatomical pieces to the laboratory, removes the containers of soiled linen, and ensures the cleaning of the unit according to the protocol. Their role is important in the hygiene of the premises and the prevention of nosocomial infections. Finally, Operation Theatre Technician ensures the transmission with the relief team. In parallel with his/her activity, the “operating room” technician often performs training tasks.

Studies/Training to become an Operating Room Technician

The operating room technician is a technician or a midwife who has successfully completed the Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician.

The operating room specialization is accessible to any nursing student in the 3rd year of training or qualified midwife, regardless of the duration and type of professional practice. There is no longer a minimum period of exercise to take the entrance examination for training since 2020.

The competition includes a written eligibility test and an admission test. After admission, the training lasts 18 months.

Operation Theatre Technician Courses in Gurgaon provides essential knowledge on surgical techniques, the technological environment of operating theatres, equipment and materials used during invasive procedures and surgical procedures, hygiene in operating theatres, and associated sectors.

Career developments

An operating room technician can progress to the functions of a healthcare manager after 4 years of practice. He can also provide teaching in nursing management schools as an instructor.


It is also possible to become an advanced practice technician bypassing the complementary exams related to OT Technician studies. The advanced practice technician follows a patient referred by a doctor for tasks such as renewing prescriptions, ordering examinations.

To become an experienced and successful OT technician, it is important to study an Operation Theatre Technician Course in Gurgaon or pursue Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician.

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