Master in Clinical Psychology and Health

The  Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Health is a multidisciplinary program that provides the participant with the information and skills required to cope with the increasing demands and challenges that the health services field poses to us. Through the updating of the basic knowledge studied at the pre-university level, the master offers quality training based on methodological proposals and interventions based on the proof. The program provides two optional specializations: Clinic or Health which allow a deepening of one or the other field of the profession’s tasks.

Students who choose the specialty in clinical will develop skills for the treatment of various clinical cases with different levels of complexity. Those who opt for the specialization in health will have a broad overview of all the situations in which one can perform a psychological intervention, parallel to the medical treatment, by acquiring skills for its conception and its implementation.

The program is designed to contribute to the training of both people who are interested in specialization in specific areas of clinical and social health work and newly graduated students who are looking to learn one of them.

Career opportunities are specific to the professional who works in the field of clinical psychology and health (from childhood to old age) to improve the quality of life and well-being of patients as well as to diagnose and to intervene in the problems and disorders that appear in these areas.

Who does the Master speak to?

The best psychology colleges in USA train the student in a relevant professional sector: the work of patients with mental disorders or who require psychological support for other circumstances regarding their psycho physiological health. It also works in community health and in various institutions that need psychosocial work. The Master provides quality training for the development of evaluation, advice, and intervention.

This program has two student profiles which, despite different characteristics, have equal points that allow presenting a complete academic proposal:

The Master in Clinical Psychology is mainly aimed at psychology and psychiatry professionals who wish to train, deepen and update themselves in clinical psychological practice. Based on a global vision of health and to work more effectively in their jobs these studies broaden their opportunities for professional integration or give them a qualitative difference given the competitiveness of the workplace.

The masters in psychology USA- In addition to being a program for professionals in the field of psychology, it allows other health professionals or community professionals who are confronted with various situations and socio-health problems and who wish to broaden the understanding and approach of psychology. These from the emotional point of view to benefit. It is intended for mental health professionals, as well as medical and paramedical personnel specialties not straight related to mental health, such as nurses, social workers, professional therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, among other clinical and socio specialties -sanitary. It is also intended for staff working with social services dedicated to working with at-risk population groups, communities.

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