Master in Nursing Sciences Specialty Health Management

The evolution and development of a profession are parallel to the degree of development of the countries, and it is this evolution that determines the degree of professionalization of each work in order to obtain more and more capacities that allow the professionals of work best in their fields of action.

There is a global need to have a high number of nursing professionals who continue their training to a postgraduate level who will provide them with more tools to face the challenges they will face in this difficult care profession to the person with the main concern respect for the dignity of each patient.

In this sense, the Master of Science in Nursing Specialization in Health Management aims to train nursing professionals with a high level of technical competence, an ethical professional sense and a social compromise, by updating and deepening the knowledge for them participate in the identification and solution of health, management and educational problems, thus improving their professional and research practice.

The nursing in USA for international students offers a complete preparation with tools and concepts that help professionals in this sector to enrich their training to improve their personal and professional skills, collaborating in this way to meet the objectives of their institutions in accordance changes in external and internal environments in health facilities. All this thanks to theoretical knowledge, practical case studies, and exercises that allow the candidate to progress in the understanding of nursing in his main areas of action.

This program is a means to arrive at a complete strategic change that allows the professional to best manage his work teams from an ethical and humanistic perspective. The Master promotes learning based on the individual and collective knowledge of students through a training strategy based on activities oriented to the resolution of practical cases and projects.

The Master responds to a rupture or a flaw in the paradigms. It is for this reason that it seeks to equip the student with a level of current strategic thinking capable of dealing with unforeseen events, correctly identifying problems, and providing more appropriate solutions.

The program strives for a holistic view of nursing, management, humanization and education by stimulating critical thinking to solve problems, thus orienting the nurse’s activity towards efficiency and performance processes associated with its work, which consolidates its development and professional practice in order to offer the best possible service to patients/users of health services.

Who does the Master speak to?

The proposed training methodology, combined with the clarity, the amplitude and the didactic of the conception of the contents, makes it possible to address the masters in nursing in USA for international students to nurses who wish to specialize in the most important fields of their profession and more particularly in management within health organizations and universities. Graduates of this educational program will be able to carry out research projects that will develop the potential of their work centers in many ways to provide quality health services.

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