Nursing as a Social or Biological Science?

Nursing is the science of human health care. It is a discipline that is in charge of the study of the actual or potential responses of the person, family or community, both healthy and sick in the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects.

Precisely this social dimension that brings humans closer to qualitative research, allows the nurses to understand the context, behavior, and attitude of the patients with their observation and understanding skills. This makes the integration of social science in health care and medicine an integral vision of subject for human beings.


This Vision of Being Integral, is the one that provides the guidelines to support nursing science through the “Nursing Theories” applicable in all areas of the professional caregiver’s work. Hence Watson, in his theory of Human Care states that the nurse-patient relationship is interpersonal and transpersonal; that is, a relationship between humans in society.

Nursing consists of health care; It is based on knowledge of the person and his environment and emerged as a social practice. Although nursing has a scientific method that includes particular techniques and procedures aimed at the health care of the person, family, or community, in the field of social sciences and humanities. Nursing production is scarce and limited to the description of practices and concrete pathologies with diverse theoretical references and varied methodologies that demonstrate a disciplinary vacuum.

What should be included in Nursing when compiled with medical social science?

Nursing as a profession should participate with an expanded vision as an active agent in the planning, education, administration, and research of health services. This situation will make nursing practice conceptualized as the synthesis of the concepts of the social, humanistic, biological and behavioral sciences, applied to man in a broad sense for health purposes. It is necessary to plan care in the four basic levels of care that exist (health promotion, disease prevention, health restoration, and accompaniment when dying), and to do this, work must be done under conditions of increasing adaptation to the social environment.

The necessary relationships of nursing with sociology, psychology, communication sciences, and anthropology outline their social development.

What relationship do the social sciences have with nursing?

The social science study the human being as a whole and the community is observing increasing social problems that lead to wreaked havoc on the health of people. The economy, sociology, and politics are the branches of social sciences that should be integrated in the healthcare industry to improve the country’s medical health situation.

Searching for the definition of nursing as a biological or social science forces us to reflect on the object of study since both for its biological basis and for its social importance, the objective of nursing focuses on man.

Given all this, nursing and social science in health care and medicine must maintain a critical and reflective attitude towards the social reality of human beings and their rights, making this attitude visible in daily practice, thus strengthening the personal/professional growth and generating a transforming impact on the health system.

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