Russia- A Hot Destination to Pursue Medical Studies

Thinking about education abroad, especially about medical education, Russia can be a great study destination. Russia is one of the six countries in the world, where most international students go to study because it is cheaper to get education in Russia than economically developed Western countries. Russian universities provide hostels for international students to stay. That’s why students from around the world have a lot of craze to earn higher education from Russia.

In Russia, higher education in medicine can only be pursued through face-to-face training at a higher education institution. Deadlines depend on the specialization. For example, it is possible to obtain a license in the specialty nursing in 4 years. But to obtain a diploma of the surgeon, it will be necessary to study 5 to 6 years in total.

Russia’s Craze

According to an estimate, 800 to 1000 students from India go to Russia for higher studies every year. The special point is that 85% of these students go to Russia for medical education. There are a large number of Indian students in Russian universities. For example, there are 850 Indian students from around 1200 international students studying from the Twelve Medical State Academy. According to experts, it is easier to obtain visas than European countries and MBBS course fees are also comparatively low.

Academic Expenses

The first benefit of study MBBS in Russia for Indian students is that the cost of studies here is less than that of other countries. In Russia, your annual expenditure for a six-year medical degree can be between $ 4000 and $ 6000. The higher education system here is quite formulated, modern and equivalent to Western countries. Apart from this, students do not have to pay capitation fee or donation for admission.

The Reorganization

Indian Medical Council recognizes many Russian universities. However, after obtaining a medical degree from Russia for obtaining a license for medical practice in India, passing an examination conducted by the Indian Medical Council and passing the eligibility.

The certificate has to be obtained. Students are also advised to check whether the Indian Medical Council accredits them before enrolling in a Russian university. At present, the Indian Medical Council recognizes nine universities of Russia.

No admission Test

Another advantage for students seeking medical education is that they do not have to undergo any kind of entrance or pre-qualifying test for admission here. You can get admission here on the basis of the marks obtained in Higher Secondary Examination. A student desirous of admission in the medical course is required to pass the 12th exam with chemistry, physics and biology subjects with at least 60 percent marks. The admission process usually starts from July and ends till the end of September.


Here the duration of medicine or engineering course depends on which medium you have selected for the study. Students who choose English medium for studies can complete their medical degrees in six years. After this one year’s internship is done. The postgraduate course (English medium) in medicine is for two years. By the way, medical universities in Russia for Indian students have world-class infrastructure. Excellent facilities are available at low cost here.

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