STUDY ABROAD – 6 Reasons Why An International Education Webinar Is A Must Attend

Study Abroad

 1.     Provides course advice from University Professionals

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions a student makes. So it is important to have a professional adviser around when it comes to choosing the course you want to pursue. University representatives at these webinars can help you to understand more about your course selection at their respective universities. They can also provide you with detailed insight about internships, work placements, course structure, accreditations, etc., to help decide on the right course, career and university.

 2.    Offers useful information about Entry requirements and Admission processes

These webinars help you assess your eligibility and requirements for your respective universities. Students will be able to clarify if there are any academic breaks, alterations in dynamics, university decisions, or other things that would affect their enrollment. Through these webinars promising students get the required information about the admission process and forward their application to their concerned faculty for consideration.

  3.   Get access to the information about Scholarship opportunities being offered by Universities

Getting information about the scholarship opportunities is one of the best advantages of attending an international education webinar. Students get the chance to access information to a range of scholarships and funding opportunities from the participating universities – all in one place! Also, the student gets information about the criteria, deadlines, and process to apply for the particular scholarship opportunity.

  4.    Gives you a chance of Priority Processing

Most of the time, the university representatives have the authority to prioritize student application based on their achieved credentials. So, if you qualify, you don’t have to wait to receive the offer from the university, you get it instantly without wasting any time from the university representative.
Hence, these webinars help you to get enrolled in your dream institution without much hassle.
But, you must ensure to carry all the important documents for admission, a copy of your academic and supporting documents.

 5.    Provide students with application fee waivers

The cost of a university education gets a lot of attention these days because simply applying to any institution can be an expensive undertaking. There are costs of standardized tests, the application fee, and also travel costs for campus visits. This implies you may have to spend $100 or more for each institution you apply to. One of the ways to reduce this financial burden is to obtain an application fee waiver.

The International Education Webinar can also help you save on the application processes. At these webinars, most of the participating universities and institutions waive off their application fee ranging from $50-$100 (depends on the university/country) for students who apply immediately. Based on the number of applications a student makes, this is going to be a major cost saver for students.

  6.   Facilitates Growth in the student’s network and chance to gain Alumni contacts

These webinars bring to you the opportunity to get in touch with students already studying abroad. This helps you gather more information about the study methods and job opportunities of the particular institution. When you visit an international education webinar, university representatives can help you to get in touch with some of the alumni networks and also current students studying in the university. This expands your network and helps you get knowledge about the university environment from the student’s perspective. This also gives students the idea of effectively living and studying abroad.

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