Top 5 Best Overseas Study Destinations for Indian Students


As the number of Indian students increasing to enrol for overseas studies, the demand for internationally qualified students also increasing in job sectors. Studying abroad offers great career opportunities to students and enhances their skill and communications.

There was a time in India, where students mostly choose to study in the USA, the UK and Australia but now the trend has changed and students have various options to develop themselves for professional life. Here is a list of the 5 most popular countries for the study that Indian students can visit to attain a degree in their preferred courses.

The UK

The UK is one of the most popular study designations among Indian students. The country is well known for its oldest and most popular universities on the planet, such as Oxford and Cambridge. Here, Indian students can find a wide range of courses, from undergraduate degrees to PG degrees in various domains such as management and engineering, among others.


The USA is always been one of the favourite study designations for many aspiring Indian students. The country is home to several top tier universities and right now has over a million foreign students. Apart from India, students from South Korea and China also give preference to the USA over other countries owing to its standard of living, among other factors.


Australia is the third most preferred study designation among Indian students. Their education system is down under has developed a strong reputation around the world and several other top Australian universities that have established themselves among the top 100 universities in the world.

The country has over 13,000 institutions for higher education and can undertake courses for English Language training and vocational training besides courses such as sports management, finance and business etc.


Canada is one of the emerging foreign destinations for many international students. Over the last decade, millions of foreign students enrolling on educational courses. Still, there are more than 45000 Indian students are studying here and the most popular courses among them include business, engineering, liberal arts, hospitality, animation, and biotechnology. The quality education that they provide is one of the main reason why Canada has grown into one of the top study destinations among international students.

New Zealand

New Zealand is another emerging study destination for many students who wish to undertake education courses abroad. In recent time, New Zealand has recorded a 100% increase in the number of international students. Most of their universities ranked among the top 500 universities in the world. The top-class universities make the country a great option for those who wish to study in a new place.

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