What Does a Diabetes Educator Do and Why You Should Turn to This Expert?

One of the profiles that may be involved and of which we hear less than we should is that of the diabetes educator. A figure that fulfills several functions that are very necessary and that can be of great help. So today we would like to talk about its work, Diabetes Educator Course, and its usefulness for people with diabetes.

A diabetes educator is a person whose training and experience in the world of diabetes allow him to provide advice, help, and support to others with diabetes. Ideally, this individual should have medical training and experience which can be gained through Diabetes Educator Courses, and be specialized in some of the key areas of diabetes such as nutrition, psychology, and nursing.

His experience and knowledge, together with his good social and communication skills, make the educator a very valuable profile that allows guiding and accompanying people with diabetes during the different stages that they may experience.

It was common for diabetes educators to be nursing professionals, but it is increasingly common to see other profiles that exercise this role, and that is related to the specialties that we mentioned in previous paragraphs.

What is important to note is that a diabetes educator, even if he or she is also a medical professional, never replaces the work of the different profiles that may participate in the treatment or management of diabetes, but rather complements it.

What does or should a diabetes educator do?

A diabetes educator must know the various areas that are related to day-to-day life and living with diabetes.

Although we have already stressed that you should never replace the main figure responsible for nutrition, treatment or physical activity who may be present, it is important that you have enough knowledge to be able to provide support and advice.

Of course, depending on your specialty, you may have more or less knowledge in a specific area, but it is essential that you should also have knowledge in other areas.

A diabetes educator:

  • Helps to better understand diabetes, causes, control goals, and other aspects of treatment.
  • Knows hypo and hyperglycemia and knows how to react to them. Also helps in its prevention.
  • Knows the different elements of diabetes management.
  • Knows the elements that participate in the treatment: insulin pumps, pens, CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor), insulins
  • Helps establish routines that improve diabetes control
  • Helps and provides moral and emotional support in the different facets of life that can be affected by diabetes.
  • Knows the food groups to offer basic advice on what is more or less recommended.

In summary, a diabetes educator is someone who has enough knowledge to be able to resolve doubts at certain times, and in turn, someone who can serve as emotional and mental support in key situations such as the debut or occasions in which we are unable to control our glucose levels (despite being acting correctly).

At Astron International, we understand and want to show our support for a profile such as that of the educator, which we consider essential today due to all the benefits it brings to people with diabetes. And this is why we suggest students that they should choose Diabetes Educator Course and obtain a unique and highly demanded specialty in the medical field.

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