What Does A Master In Hospital Administration Do?

Do you work in the health sector and are you looking to move up your job? Are you interested in joining this sector? There is a work area that allows you to develop within health organizations without the need to have a medical or nursing profile. Master in Hospital Administration What is it?

This postgraduate course involves the administrative and organizational management of hospitals and health centers or organizations focused on health services.

It focuses on preparing professionals with the knowledge for directive management, leadership, financial analysis and public policy.

In addition, to train the student to obtain the strategic approach for the management and administration of both public and private services in the health sector.

Program and plans

To enter the program, it is not an essential requirement to have a degree in health; if you finished in economic-administrative or social areas, you can apply for admission to the master’s degree.

The duration of the program is 2 years in the classroom. The curriculum map of this master’s degree is divided into 4 semesters. Theoretical and laboratory subjects are handled.

Some subjects included within the master’s degree are:

  • Service administration
  • Health economics
  • Quality in the health service
  • Hospital administration, public and private sector
  • Project management and control
  • Hospital legislation
  • Audit, costs and budgets
  • Quality in service processes
  • Managerial skills

A person who has pursued master’s in hospital administration is the professional responsible for directing and strategically deciding the administrative, political and social actions and priorities of health centers , whether private or public.

It has to coordinate the human capital of the hospitals and centers. Likewise, he must know the policies and regulations, manage finances, project management and the operational part of the institution. In addition, you must have negotiating and bonding skills.

Some of the daily tasks of this master in hospital administration are:

  • Design budgets and establish service rates; performs administrative tasks for health services.
  • Personnel management and relationships with service and product providers, such as pharmaceutical companies.
  • Be the link between patients, medical personnel and the government or health sector.
  • Design organizational and marketing strategies in the short and long term
  • Aligns the financial and operational strategies of the hospital.
  • Design policies and procedures that adhere to health standards and benefit patients.

Consider studying a masters in hospital administration in USA if:

  • You like being part of an institution that provides services to society.
  • You are interested in working in areas related to the human health sector, but also in the field of administration.
  • You want to have a comprehensive view of how hospitals work. So you want to know how the health area works, its organization and finances.
  • You see yourself in a managerial or administrative position within a hospital or clinic, as this postgraduate degree will allow you to aspire to those positions.

So, master’s degree or just bachelor’s degree?

Going through a postgraduate degree allows you to obtain a salary increase and aspire to higher paying positions.

This master’s degree in hospital administration will open the doors for managerial and executive positions within the health sector.

With this program you will be able to lead teams.

If you have a degree in health areas; this program will allow you to open areas of opportunities within different companies, be they clinics, pharmaceuticals or insurance companies.

There are diplomas and courses that can complement your preparation if you already have a degree in the economic-administrative area.

Administrators with work experience can enter the contest for the same job positions as those who study master of healthcare administration in USA.

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