Why is it Worth Studying in Russia?

As told by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Russia is the most educated country in the world, which leaves behind, in terms of this index, Canada, Japan, Israel, and the USA. More than half of Russians have higher education. Every year more than 200,000 people from 168 countries around the world come to study at Russian universities. Education in Russia has many advantages; here are some of them:

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The Important Character of University Education

By studying in Russia, you can get in-depth knowledge in all fields of study; however, especially Russia is famous for its scientific schools in the area of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Physics.

Russia is the main leader in providing the training of physicist, geologists, chemists, engineer, mathematicians, doctors, programmers and specialists from other fields of natural science. This fact is confirmed by the Russian higher education institutions in the international rankings.

The Russian higher education institutions also offer short programs (summer university, a semester in Russia, summer schools), preparatory programs (undergraduate, specialist, and master’s degree), professional training, Russian as a foreign language learning program.

The best relationship between quality and price of education in Russian universities is much low cost as compared to universities in Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom, and in terms of the level of education, Russia’s leading higher education institutions make a worthy competition the western educational institutions.

The Chance of getting Scholarships by the Government

Russia is one of those few countries that provides international students the possibility of studying for free. Every year the top universities for MBBS study in Russia give a few thousand seats financed by the Govt. in the Russian higher education institutions for foreign citizens (in 2018 15,000 places were allocated). In addition, certain categories of foreigners, including fellow citizens, may enroll in places funded by the Government. One more possibility will be to participate in the university academic competitions, whose winners and medalists will obtain advantages and privileges for admission in the leading institutions of higher education of Russia (by quotas and in places financed by the Government).

Some 260 million people around the world speak Russian, and about 10.5 million foreigners study it constantly. Higher education institutions offer different programs of Russian learning: courses, summer schools, distance studies. For foreigners in the area of the preparatory faculty, a one-year study course for the students in the Russian language is planned; for students who have enrolled for fees (government scholarships), it is free.

Campus and Student Residences, Comfortable and Equipped

For a long time, Russian higher education institutions have not given way to many western universities, in the level of equipment for study complexes. A high level of technical equipment for laboratories, scientific centers, and educational buildings, these are the realities of today’s university life. Most of the higher Russian medical colleges for MBBS have their student residences that have a sufficiently low price for accommodation.

Fascinating Student Life

Students always have to do after school. They participate in sports competitions, competitions, parties and student festivals. Higher education institutions have their student theaters, sports teams, volunteer associations, and student construction brigades.

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