Why To Study In Germany?
  • - Free education
  • - World’s 3rd largest Economy
  • - Famous for Inventors and Engineers
  • - Chance to learn new language and culture
  • - Easy access to anywhere in Europe
  • - 85% Practical Training
  • - Minimum cost of living
  • - Part time job for 20hr/week
  • - with more than 75%marks you can choose English taught
  • - with less than 75%marks you can go for German taught.

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About Germany

Germany is a very beautiful country and is most popular option for International students looking to study in Europe. It is highly recognized for its high quality education. Germany is one of the most leading nations in terms of technology, art and economy.

It’s hard to disgust living in Germany when it’s full of beer, good food, and being energetic but some new sunny days and better banking wouldn’t hurt

Cost of living in Germany is minimal and affordable. You just need 800 Euros a month to cover your living expenses. Only the monthly rent is the biggest expense in Germany.

Best cities in Germany

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