Everything You Need To Know Before Planning For MBBS Abroad

The medical profession has been the top choice for students in India. The profession is indeed well respected, rewarding and a promising career.

However, the dilemma of every NEET qualified student remains the same; It is whether to choose a medical private college in India or plan MBBS abroad.

Too many questions without their satisfactory answers keep the students and their families anxious.

Selecting a foreign medical university is always a wise choice and here are broad reasons why it is so:

  • Foreign Medical universities have excellent results.
  • MBBS students have better opportunities to settle down abroad.
  • Teacher-student ratio is significant in foreign Medical universities.

The global exposure is immense for MBBS students in abroad.

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Let’s go ahead and understand the key points that the students must consider while planning MBBS Abroad.

  1. Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria of most of the MBBS foreign universities is common and  shared below:

  • The students must have a qualified NEET score (i.e. score between 147-500),
  • One must have at least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th exam
  • The student must know the English language.

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  1. Quality of Education

The medical college that a student prefer must have high education standards recognized by the Global institutions such as WHO, UNESCO, European Council etc.

The Medical universities in Ukraine, Russia, and the Philippines are globally renowned for their education standards and excellent results.

  1. Budget

It’s a common misconception amongst the Indian that foreign education, especially MBBS, burns a hole in one’s pocket.

The truth is, MBBS from a private medical college in India costs anywhere between 60-90 lakhs. On the other hand, MBBS from a top foreign medical college is well in budget and costs between 25-40 lakhs.

Top Medical colleges in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Philippines are budget-friendly too.

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  1. Career perspective

Foreign Universities prepares the students for the medical licensing test. The curriculum is designed to compeer global standards and help students earn opportunities in the international market.

The oldest & the best medical universities in Ukraine, Russia and Philippines ranks in the world’s top universities and the exceptional career growth of their doctors is self-evident.

In fact, a large percentage of MBBS doctors from the Philippines are practising medicine in the US.

  1. Student Safety

The MBBS students now have to consider the safety aspect while selecting the right university. As during the pandemic, many foreign students faced challenges to stay safe and continue their studies.

However, countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Kazakhstan implemented plans for foreign students to help them stay safe and continue their education online.

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